In a global and cross-industry sense, the producing industry faces major challenges: Manufacturing processes today not only need to be faster, cheaper and more flexible, they must also simultaneously meet the concerns of sustainability, resource management and individualization.

Legal requirements and their consequences

Tightened statutory regulations require an even more eco-friendly attitude towards our environment and resources. A reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and reduced fuel consumption in motor vehicles, airplanes and ships is the result. At the same time, the safety needs and the demands for convenience are increasing which, in turn, leads to an increase in the number of built-in components. For this reason, engineers are forced to design components that are lighter, more compact and powerful overall.

Growing energy demand

In addition, energy requirements of the world’s population are growing. Alongside promoting the use of renewable energy, what‘s most important is the construction of new power plants and the modernization of existing ones. A decisive factor in this context is the significant increase in the degree of efficiency in power plant processes. This increases the requirements of installing piping systems and pipe materials as these noticeably contribute to improved efficiency.

Using raw materials efficiently

Our use of raw materials is also under scrutiny: the worldwide growing demand results in the shortage and price increase of the supply. This development forces the industry to an even more resource conserving production in future and to avoid rejects. At the same time, the modern lightweight construction concepts and rising demands on material properties call for the use of new high-strength materials. Their efficient processing, however, poses totally new challenges for most branches of industry as the high-strength steels and special materials such as aluminium, titanium and Conifer require clearly larger forming forces of the production technologies.

Bending solutions from Schwarze-Robitec

In order to meet these current trends adequately, a maximum of technical progress and innovation is needed. This starts as early as the efficient production of semi-finished parts. And this is precisely where the bending solutions of Schwarze-Robitec come in. We know exactly what our customers demand of today‘s industry and have invested a lot of energy into the research and development so as to create new standards for future tube processing tasks. As a development partner of the production industry with decades of experience, we offer you customized solutions with tube bending machines for your long-term success.