The future of the global energy supply depends critically on innovations in power plant construction. The fluctuations in renewable energy performance which need to be balanced out, the increasing demand for energy internationally and tightened statutory regulations: Power plant construction is currently a balancing act of growing, supply-relevant, economic and ecological requirements. As such, the requirements of built-in piping systems and pipe materials increase as these noticeably contribute to improved efficiency.

Efficiency necessitates innovative technology

The efficiency of the combustion chamber depends, among other things, on the tubes used forming as large an area as possible for the transfer of heat by using particularly narrow bending radii. The bending challenge of this is enormous in respect to the high-strength of the materials. On the one hand, the materials react sensitively; on the other, large bending forces are required to reshape the harder tubes. We meet these challenges with innovative booster bending procedures, which even exceed international tolerance regulations in regard to wall thinning and ovality thanks to their high levels of precision. This offers a noticeable cost benefit especially when it comes to using high-strength materials.

Our bending technologies for modern power plants

For a number of decades now we have been developing and manufacturing cold tube bending machines which are specially designed for the specific requirements of power plant construction. We are just as familiar with bending high-strength and heat-resistant steel as with thick-walled high-pressure tubes up to 16“. The cold-bending of tubes with a bending radius of 1 x D and lower is part of our day to day work. For the special requirements in power plant construction we offer special booster bending machines with and without mandrel for single and series production. You have the choice between a total of four different product lines for this sector: semi-automatic and automatic CNC booster bending machines, CNC twin booster bending machines with two bend heads and the tube wall bending machines of the FL series.

Further optimum bending procedures for your requirements

Alongside our booster bending machines, our Heavy Duty machine line offers another optimum solution for various bending tasks in power plant construction. Equipped with special tools, these machines bend thin and thick-walled tubes with a maximum diameter of 426 x 22 mm.

We set standards for power plant construction

Our experienced team will gladly assist you with the planning and implementation of a system that is designed to meet your needs. Find out more about our tube bending machine solutions for the boiler and power plant industry.

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