We have developed our Heavy Duty tube cold bending machines for the constantly increasing demands placed on the bending technology industry. These machines are designed for the efficient and precise bending of high-strength materials, of very large tubes as well as thick and thin-walled tubes. With our CNC-controlled Heavy Duty machines, you can manufacture even the most complex designs in one work step. As a result, 3D tube systems can be produced rapidly without a single welding seam – a major plus when it comes to productivity.

Our Heavy Duty tube cold bending machines produce a wide range of bending radii, even radii which are smaller than the tube diameter itself. They are also designed to withstand constant use under heavy strain and have the strongest bending force. This is because the technology we develop is always based on a very stable base machine. This base reliably absorbs the enormous forces exerted during bending and has enough energy reserves in the clamping functions area.

In addition, our Heavy Duty systems also bend double-walled and flanged tubes which can be integrated directly into existing systems. To prevent leftover tubing lengths during production, we have incorporated tube leftover length optimization and length measurement into our machine systems. These versatile and powerful options are available to you up to a tube diameter of 419 x 21.4 mm, enabling you to significantly increase your productivity. We have decades of experience when it comes to handling special materials as well as the necessary expertise, and focus on the advantageous tube cold bending technology to make accurate tube machining possible.

Non-damaging machining

Furthermore, with tubes for chemical plants, the non-damaging machining of tubing is vital. It is essential that the properties of special materials be taken into consideration which are not bendable when warm or which simply must not be heated up as it changes its structural condition.

All-round expertise

We develop suitable solutions for the most sophisticated production tasks. It doesn’t matter if you need machines with over 40 meters of tube expansion length or a full tube workshop with integrated tube magazine and automatic tube feeder: Maximum productivity, the highest degree of availability and future-proof manufacturing technology are our guarantees for your success. This includes constant spare parts availability and the manufacture of individual components at our own factory and no delays. Not only do you benefit from fast response times, but also from minimized downtime in critical cases.

Alongside these outstanding features, our systems are easy and intuitive in operation. They can also be connected up seamlessly to all relevant networks and programs.

Our experienced team will gladly assist you with the planning and implementation of a system that is designed to meet your needs.

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