The high cost pressures in tube manufacturing for heating and sanitary requires the use of machinery which guarantees extremely high availability.

Schwarze-Robitec has been building tube bending machines for heating and sanitary for decades. In the context of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) our machines rank among the most economical worldwide. They offer the possibility to carry out all steps fully automatic and fully integrated from production to the checking of the components.

We offer machines which can turn and bend tubes of copper coil. Up to 4 tubes can be bent and cut at the same time.

Our tube bending machines for the sanitary and heating sectors enable automatic bending and cutting of bends to 90° with radii up to approximately 100 mm. Through the above construction of the machine, especially the cutting after bending, the waste can be reduced by up to 30% compared to traditional methods. Through the special control of the pressure die during the compression bending it is possible to reach R = 1D bends in Ø 54 x 1.6 mm copper.

In fully automatic operation, our machines reach piece rates of up to 6 seconds for tubes with 40 mm diameter.

We set standards

Our experienced team will gladly assist you with the planning and implementation of a system that is designed to meet your needs. Find out more about our tube bending machine solutions for the heating and sanitary sector.

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