Industry‘s ultimate aim is to make processes more efficient in terms of time and more economical and to improve quality and throughput at the same time. Consequently, for large batches industry relies on consistent process chains. The intelligent networking of all of production shortens manufacturing cycles and lowers manufacturing and production costs. Production capacities can only be raised with state-of- the-art tube bending machines. Combined with online maintenance systems that are deployed during actual production, modern systems minimize idle times. Optimized setting-up times also contribute effectively to economic and flexible production with fast and easy tool changing. Sustainability, environmental protection as well as high prices for energy and raw materials demand a change in the existing production processes. To be able to meet the legal requirements to reduce fuel consumption, the automotive industry is increasingly relying on lightweight construction. The high-strength materials and thin-walled tubing required for these applications make high demands of tube bending machines. Among other standards, they also have to meet strict requirements in regard to surface quality similar to those in the aviation and aeronautics industry.

Resource-saving and energy-efficient production

The efficient use of energy also needs to be considered. One practical solution, for example, consists of control drive mechanisms that put the machine into no-load operation during idling. Intelligent electric drives also help save energy. These drive mechanisms ensure that power is only used when mechanical power is needed. At the same time, innovative drive technologies make the machines very efficient. More sustainable manufacturing processes can only be based on technologies that replace previous systems with innovative methods and processes. During conventional production, for example, elaborate cleaning of the piping systems produces environmental pollutants. State-of-the art bending concepts are needed for these applications with high-tech micro-lubrication systems that prevent lubricant residue. Only the most modern machines are capable of forming applications that save both on resources and materials.

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