Many kilometers of tubing are built into ships and offshore installations. Complex chemical facilities, refineries and power plants also have similarly long tubing networks. Given these quantities, one thing is clear: Tube machining plays an important role. Its manufacture needs to be very efficient. Entire tubing systems need to be made as swiftly and as precisely as possible. And, both economic and ecological demands must be met. To meet these demands, the efficient and precise processing of high-strength materials and of very large and thick/thin-walled tubing must be guaranteed.

Depending on the task at hand, special tubes like double-walled or flanged tubes, which are ready for integration into existing systems, are also used. Another challenge presents itself in the ship-building sector: In order to create greater loading volume for the increasingly complex on-board technology, tube systems need to be designed in a way that saves more space. For this reason, plant designs often use smaller bending radii. In these applications, the limits of what is possible need to be stretched in relation to existing bending technology, machines and tools. This is precisely what drives us on: Our aim is to provide the best possible solution for your bending task.

We have the matching, programmable Heavy Duty machine for every task: From precise bending of very different tubes with a wide variety of radii, to reshaping special materials and bending high-strength materials.

Find out more about our tube bending machine solutions for the shipbuilding and offshore industry. Here you will find a selection of our products which are especially suited for the tasks in your industry:

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