Foundation of the model-making company Schwarze. The company was also engaged in the sectors of joinery, saw mill and planing mill, as well as the timber trade.

Construction of new factory buildings and production expansion through apparatus and steel construction. The beginnings of mechanical engineering.

Since 1930

The company Peter Wirtz gathers first experiences in the production of automatic tube cold-bending machines

Take-over of the production of tube cold-bending machines by buying the company Peter Wirtz. Since then Schwarze-Wirtz

On the basis of a solid further development of the know-how and technology it was possible to greatly increase the production of automatic tube cold-bending machines.


Fast-paced technological development allows production of automatic machines with numerical control. The Schwarze-Wirtz production sectors of timber, apparatus and steel construction were discontinued.

End of 1960s

Construction of new factory halls and social facilities – the satisfaction of its employees was always dear to the company – creation of safe and modern workplaces.

Development and production of an own numerical control.
It was also possible to press ahead with the construction of tube cold bending machines, which are some of the largest in the world. These are able to bend tubes up to max. Ø 355 x 35 mm and also have an automatic tube charging unit in addition to tube positioning units and numerical control.

From 1975

Fully automatic tube bending systems are developed and produced – mostly for the automobile industry, boiler construction and shipbuilding.


Manufacturing of the first CNC Tube Bending Machine

Production of fully automatic, CNC-controlled tube cold bending machines with magazine and unloader or robots and delivery mainly to renowned companies of the automobile industry.


Delivery of the world’s biggest fully-automatic 12” tube cold-bending machine to a North American shipyard.

From 1988

Schwarze-Wirtz builds CNC-controlled tube cold-bending machines with multi-radius technology for the manufacture of the most complicated tube systems.


First delivery of a tube cold-bending machine with transport boost system.


- Merger with the company Robitec, since then Schwarze-Robitec
- Presentation of the first own CNC-control on PC basis

Development of the largest hydroform bending line in the world.

Largest single order in company history to build several fully-automatic systems for the worldwide largest hydroforming line at the time in North America.


Development of the multi-level bending technology (Shipbuilding)


Generation change: Bert Zorn and Hartmut Stöhr take over management.


Construction of the largest membrane tube wall bending machine in the world.


Delivery of the first turn key system totaling several millions to an Asian power plant builder.

New development: The new, easy-to-operate machine control from Schwarze-Robitec clocks the individual working steps synchronous for time-optimised production.

Development of the rapid clamping system "Quick Tool Unlock" for tube bending machines – this allows quick change of the bending formers without tools and therefore reduces set-up time noticeably.

Schwarze-Robitec establishes USA Subsidiary

Since 1 April 2015, Schwarze-Robitec America Inc. has been implementing the entire sales and service for the high-quality Tube Cold Bending Machines Made in Germany. Regular customers and new customers from the USA, Canada and Mexico benefit from the customer-specific on-site advice and shorter delivery times for spare parts.