Perfectly controlled bending machines

Fast, highly precise and intelligent: The controlling technology for all automatic tube cold bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec reduces non-productive times to a minimum with highest manufacturing quality at the same time.

Time saving and work-simplifying control

Time saving was a central aspect for us when developing the new machine control. The new control software brought onto the market for our bending machines for serial and large-scale mass production (since 2015) reduces non-productive times to a minimum, as the original sequence of the bending process is broken up and the individual steps are arranged synchronously. The integrated diagnostics and maintenance tool guides the operator comfortably through all setting and optimization steps and checks all data reliably for validity. If the machine operator forgets to define a parameter, the tool will remind him of it. Equipped with a touchscreen it can be operated intuitively which also contributes towards making work easier. The use of this control for tube bending machines can leads to a productivity increase of up to 25 percent. The operation of the machine while this is running and during the set-up is designed extremely simple. The well thought-out operating concept makes it possible to familiarize new employees in only a few hours.