Software for Tube Bending Simulation


We also offer a 3D tube bending simulation, which can check whether a tube can be bent without collision. Thus, the production is reliably optimized in the planning phase and test runs at individual factories or production runs are significantly reduced.


  • Checks before the manufacture, if a tube can be bent
  • Graphical presentation
  • Bending Simulation in 3D
  • Data input in a bending database file for tools and machines
  • Collision avoidance


Modules KOLLI-7 version

  • Component management
  • Bending value input, absolute and relative
  • Flange
  • Three-dimensional tube view
  • Editable worksheets
  • Editable descriptions
  • Flange presentation  
  • Flange rotation
  • Graphical presentation of the bending process
  • Graphical machine editor
  • Graphical tool editor
  • Complex parts (spools, tube parts)
  • Grit
  • Correction boost
  • Material administration
  • Multi-tools
  • Multi-test (testing all bending benches)
  • Tube rotate on axis
  • Tube reflect
  • Tube stretch
  • Tube serpentine  
  • Spring-back  
  • Weld seam position
  • Moment of inertia
  • Over bend data
  • Transfer the data to bending machine
  • Support of many languages
  • Tool administration