Non-contact tube measuring device


  • 6-Axis arm
  • Non-contact measurements using an optical probe
  • Optional measurement possible with touch probe

Measuring task:

The described measuring system measuring size 1 (Laser) is particularly suitable for bent parts (tubes and sections) to check the dimensional accuracy.

This measuring system can be used for testing both single items as well as production parts. In case of divergence, a bending program optimization can be carried out.

For the bending program optimization, bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec can retrieve bending programs via a network (TCP / IP) and compensate data.

Measuring range 2,000 mm x 1,250 mm x 1,200 mm
(longer tubes are also measurable)
Measurement procedure Manual
Diameter tubes 4 mm - 190 mm (depending on the measuring probe)
> 190 mm with touch probe measurable
Bending angle 1° - 180°
Min. distance between two bends bend-in-bend measurement
Accuracy ± 0.1mm