Bending tools suitable for your tube bending machine

We design and manufacture the bending tools to match your bending tasks. Based on our years of experience and your requirements, we find the optimum tools for your system. We only use top-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes in our tools. The bending tools are especially hardened, among other things. The result is a high degree of both wear resistance and dimensional stability which guarantees you high precision as well as a long-lasting production solution that operates at the highest level.

Demanding bending tasks require a stable base which can absorb all bending and torsion forces without difficulty. And it is precisely for this reason that the machine bed of our systems is designed as a welded box construction and reinforced optimally with multiple fins.

Our bending tools stand for highest quality

Our designers develop and manufacture all tools together with you to meet your specific requirements. If a tool needs replacing after long loading, rapid replacement is guaranteed. Within the shortest possible time, your new tools are manufactured and delivered to you based on the stored data.

Constant spare parts availability and in-house production of individual components without delay also guarantee the necessary operational reliability of your entire production