Bending Tools for Boilers and Power Plants

Whether machine body, bend head, bending tool or drive technology, all of the components of our booster bending machines fit perfectly into each other like a well-oiled gearbox and let you perform particularly fast, precise and efficient manufacturing jobs.

Winning speed

The proven design of our developed bending heads makes any additional support of the middle axis unnecessary in most cases. You benefit from even shorter tool change times and accelerated bending processes, even with complicated geometrics.

Maximum productivity trumps

You can flexibly modify the bending speed of our machines and thereby set your individual requirements with precision accuracy. With all CNC booster bending machines, servo-electrical drives position the tube accurately in the machine.

Safe manufacturing processes

Clamping bending tools and the pressure die boost is done in many cases using the knee lever. This means the tubes are fitted perfectly even under the most difficult conditions. The greatest flexibility in the machining process enables the use of multi-piece bend formers which can be clamped both vertically and horizontally. They guarantee smooth production and easy removal of tubing with a bending angle of over 180°. When manufacturing extremely small bending radii of up to less than 1 x D, we also offer you one-piece bend formers with which you can also efficiently machine the new, high-strength materials.

Reducing costs intelligently

We only use controlled hydraulic pumps and power units. If the machine is not in operation, the pumps will switch to idle mode using the regulators. This means noticeable energy cost reductions for you.

Operational reliability - sustained!

Even under high pressure, our machines keep a cool head: The batch-produced water cooling (air oil cooling optionally available) of the hydraulic system creates optimum operating conditions. In tropical climate conditions, our machines can be fitted with an active oil climate control. Constant oil temperatures and a comparably low pressure level ensure that your machine runs fault-free continuously.