We manufacture your tube bending machine

As one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture and development of bending machines, we offer you custom-made solutions for your individual tube bending machine.

Our range of tube bending products comprises machines and systems for a variety of application areas. Virtually in every industry branch, in which a tube bending machine is utilized, our machines can be employed.

Our range of products includes, among other things:

  • Tube Bending Machinesfor tube diameters from 4 to 420 mm. (1/8" to 16")
  • Programmable and CNC-controlled tube bending machines
  • Tube bending machines with two bending heads for complex tube systems
  • Tube bending machines for make-to-order production and small batch sizes
  • Tube bending machines for large-scale mass production

Needless to say, each tube processing machine manufactured in-house meets the highest quality requirements regarding design and workmanship. Our Quality Management is confirmed by TÜV Rheinland (a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services in Germany) and ISO-certified at regular intervals. In 2003, we took the initiative to bring ourselves in line with ISO standard 9001.

Our tube bending machines are available in a variety of designs:

  • hydraulic bending machines
  • electric bending machines
  • semi-electric bending machines
  • hybrid bending machine

Furthermore, a large selection of optional extras is also available – optimized to suit your specifications.

Operating principle of a tube bending machine

When using the cold-bending method, many factors such as tension, elongation, yield points, tensile forces, and shear forces do occur. These factors, in addition to the material and its properties, require special attention. For example, shear forces that are generated during the bending process can be absorbed by a pressure die. Simultaneously, this pressure die stabilizes the straight end of the pipe during the bending process.

Thin-walled tubes are usually made of very susceptible materials such as aluminum and titanium and, during the forming process, they are extremely demanding and prone to cracking. While conventional tubes may have a wall thickness of, e. g., 60 x 1 mm, these special tubes may measure only 60 x 0.6 mm. For this particular tube bending processes we have enhanced the transport boost of our tube bending machine and adjusted the bending tools accordingly. This guarantees that our machines optimize your tube-bending requirements.

For example, if equipped with a vertically height-adjustable pressure die assembly, the bending forces are exerted precisely onto the thin-walled tubes. Due to the improved adjustability of the forces, a tube bending machine achieves the most precise bending results, even if thin-walled tubes made of titanium, aluminum, copper or stainless steels such as No. 1.4509 or 1.4512 are used.

Moreover, the so-called “springback” occurring after the bending process is completed is another factor that can only be compensated by overbending the workpiece. This must be taken into consideration when producing the bending tool for the tube bending machine. It goes without saying that this characteristic is incorporated in the development of your custom-made tube bending machine.

Modern tube bending machines have the capacity to bend virtually any tube with bending radii from approx. 1 x D to 5 x D during the cold-forming process.

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