Bending machines for boiler tubes:
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Bending machines for batch production of boiler tubing and tube serpentines: Performance up, costs down



Boiler Plants:
Our tube bending machines are equipped for complex tasks


Bending membrane walls for boiler design with millimeter precision with the Membrane Tube Wall Bending Machine

Precise and Economical

For the particular requirements of power plant construction, we offer special booster bending machines with and without mandrels for single-item and batch production. All in all, you have the choice of four different product lines in this area: Semi-automatic and automatic CNC booster bending machines, CNC Twin booster bending machines with two bend heads and the membrane wall bending machines of the FL line.

The greatest precision – without any post-processing

Benefit from our unique mandrel-free bending technique: Reduced production costs thanks to precise results, without any post-processing. Our machines for mandrel-free bending make it possible to machine boiler tubes up to a radius of 1 x D with minimum wall thickness reduction and optimum ovality. This means you can considerably reduce material usage. Of course, this also applies to the latest high heat-resistant steels. Another bonus point: Our method betters the tolerance specifications for wall thinning and ovality, e.g. in European standards EN 12952, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME B31.1 and all other international standards.

Precise, mandrel free cold bending of the smallest radii

Alongside the special Schwarze-Robitec control procedure, an important quality feature of our booster bending machines is the compactly constructed module of tube boost and integrated tube clamp. This enables, among other things, mandrel-free cold bending of very small radii: If the ratio of the outer diameter to the wall thickness is 1:10 or lower, bending radii of 1 x D are possible without any difficulty. Here, the clamping element transfers the boost force safely to the tube.

Diagram for the determining the smallest bending radius

Experience and industry expertise

For a number of decades now we have been developing and manufacturing cold tube bending machines which are specially designed for the specifi c requirements of power plant construction. We are just as familiar with bending high-strength and heat-resistant steel as with thick-walled high-pressure tubes up to 16“. The cold-bending of tubes with a bending radius of 1 x D and lower is part of our day to day work.

Further optimum bending procedures for your requirements

Alongside our booster bending machines, our heavy duty machine line offers another optimum solution for various bending tasks in power plant construction. Equipped with special tools, these machines bend thin and thick-walled tubes with a maximum diameter of 426 x 22 mm.

We manufacture our tube bending machines and systems in Germany according to your individual demands and production data. We will be happy to help you make the right choise.