Tube wall bending machine

This machine is suitable for manufacture tube walls.

Max. bending capacity: tube outer diameter 70 x 5 mm wall thickness
Max. tube wall wide: 2000 mm


  • Boiler construction

Machine versions:

Max. Ø tube x wall thickness (Tensile strength: 700 N/mm2) 70 x 5 mm
Max. section modulus 248 cm3
Max. centerline bending radius (CLR) 400 mm
Min. centerline bending radius (over plain roller) 150 mm
Weight of machine approx. ca. 30000 kg
Number of tubes with max. Ø 16 Stück
Through-width 2000 mm
Through-width (at max. diagonal bending 25°) approx. ca. 1600 mm
Max. bending angle 135 °
Max. bending speed 0.4 1/min
Power requirement 1500U/min 20 kW

Additional device:

on the illustrated machine against extra cost:

  • Machine swing device
  • Tube wall transport roll
  • Hydraulic tube wall start


  • Bending tools (Role sets)
    Each roller set consists of:  
    16 bending rollers and 16 pressure rollers,  
    e.g.: tube outer diameter 70 x 5 mm, bending radii 200/400 mm

Other sizes available!

Specifications subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.