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Innovative and efficient

Current environmental regulations and rising energy prices are forcing companies to improve their overall production processes. To achieve this, innovative technologies are required that reduce energy consumption intelligently and thus cut costs. Processes also have to be designed to use resources more conservatively in future to improve efficiency and ensure that all output is of the highest quality.

Process Optimization – Time is money

At the same time, as the saying goes: time is money. What needs to be done is to guarantee high availability in state-of-the-art mass production by shortening cycle times and still maintaining quality. Minimized manufacturing cycles, setting-up and down times as well as a high level of utilization can only be guaranteed by outstanding service and intelligent systems that can be integrated in existing production environments.

Innovative Bending Solutions – We are setting new standards

To respond to these current trends in an appropriate manner, a maximum of technical progress and innovation is needed. This starts with the effi cient production of semi-fi nished products. And this is precisely where the bending solutions from Schwarze-Robitec come in. We have an in-depth knowledge of the current industry demands our customers face. To create new standards for tube processing tomorrow, we have invested great effort in research and development. With our industry experience and our technical expertise we offer you the right solution for long-term success.

We offer our CNC tube bending machines in different versions: hydraulic, electrical, part-electrical and as hybrid version – optimally matched to your requirements.

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