To ensure availability of your machines, we recommend a regular review of the machine by the Schwarze-Robitec customer service. Risks of failure and increased costs can be identified early and optimization potentials developed. When required, we optimize your spare parts supply and stocks in cooperation with you.

In a complete inspection report we note all defects, deviations and all actions which were taken. In this manner, the history of the machine can be recorded in addition to the current state of the system and tube cold bending machine.


All machines are subject to normal wear and tear and therefore their lifetime is limited. Even if the Schwarze-Robitec tube cold bending machines have the longest service life and longest economic lifetime of the industry, it is possible that there is a need for repair following an inspection or a failure.

Our customer service will repair or replace the defective or conspicuous parts with experience and know-how to ensure the reliability of the tube bending machine. Of course, all electrical and mechanical repairs are carried out responsibly and competently.

Optimizing existing systems

The update potential of a machine results partly from the development of new techniques and components, especially in control engineering, but also by new conditions as a change in engine integration in the manufacturing process. The aim is to develop a solution tailored to your needs, which is an economical alternative to a new tube bending machine. With our know-how in bending technology, we work out solutions with cost analysis to modernize the machine. The configuration of machines and systems with modern control technology, the replacement or supplementing of individual components all the way to design changes or modifications or new designs of machine assemblies provide large potential for economic modernization of your bending machines.